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General: Digital marketing tips for business owners
From: myva trem 2/26/2015 3:41:55 AM
As a business owner, it’s crucial you not only approve final marketing campaigns, but also that you keep yourself up to date on the most current strategies, new technologies, and effective digital tactics. Otherwise, your stamp of approval will be little more than a paper pushed across the table. If you don’t know what’s working, you can’t make sure your marketing team is at the top of their game.

If your knowledge is lacking or you’d like to take a more active part in developing your company’s marketing strategies, 2015 is your year. Sujan Patel, the VP of Marketing at When I work, has over 12 years of experience with internet marketing and has used what he’s learned to come up with a list of tips for business owners who want to help their marketing team flourish. Here are the top 3:

Make viral videos

That’s easier said that done, of course, because what you’ll really make is a funny or pithy or thought-provoking video that you hope will appeal at the right level to viewers who then share that video with their friends (thus, making it viral).

According to BusinessInsider.com, the ROI on viral videos can be significant. “Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video,” Patel noted. And online video viewers are numerous, with over 188.2 million people in the U.S. watching 52.4 billion online content videos just in the month of December, 2013. Those numbers will only have gone up in the intervening year.

Brush up on your copywriting skills

If you don’t already have a copywriter or editor on your marketing team, it might be time to hire one. Automated emails and weekly blogs are all well and good, but if they don’t appeal to your target audience or don’t produce ROI, you’re just wasting your time.

A trained copywriter knows how to attract readers’ attention, hold it, and then funnel them in the right direction as they continue on their purchasing journey. Business owners should have copywriting skills of their own as anything they write and send or post electronically could potentially be seen by consumers.

Implement better email marketing techniques

Whether you don’t have any email marketing yet or you already have an established client list, there is always room for improvement. Email lists should be sorted through on a regular basis to remove dead or inactive email accounts. It’s been proven through research, according to Patel that “when marketed through email, consumers spend 138% more than people who don’t receive email offers.”

To decide the best strategies for your business, spend time consulting some of the published works on the topic and take a look at your competition’s emails to see what techniques they’re using.

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Source: businessinsider.com/marketing-skills-business-owners-should-master-2015-1

Tags: digital marketing, marketing tips, business owners, marketing campaigns, marketing strategies, viral videos, copywriting, ROI, email marketing

General: Digital marketing tips for business owners


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