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Meeting DateTitleLocationDescriptionSlides URL
08/21/2018 <b>Coders Café</b> PowerShell Core Building Cloud VM with Azure Resource Manager - Max Trinidadboca-cendynIn this session, we are taking a look at building a virtual machine in cloud using PowerShell Core and Azure Resource Manager commands in Linux. This demo will cover from the ground up to create a VM as the Azure documentation was incomplete, and there are some pitfall to avoid before you start creating scripts. It's important to understand and start using Azure Resource Manager (AzureRM). ~/downloads/JumpStartToCloudVM_FlaDotNetUserGroups_08212018.zip
03/08/2016 <b>Coders Café</b> Datazen - Rachelen Hutboca-cendynIn April 2014, Microsoft purchased Datazen. It is FREE to SQL Server Enterprise Edition owners. Developers can download Datazen Publisher for FREE also – and create dashboards over Excel spreadsheets as well as other data sources. Datazen supports Windows, iOS and Android platforms. Come to the Datazen session to learn how your dashboards can be deployed over all devices! <br /><br /> Sponsored by: <a href="http://www.gravityITResources.com">http://www.gravityITResources.com</a> ~/downloads/Creating a KPI.pptx
07/22/2015 <b>Azure Florida Association</b> Getting Started with Automation Using Azure PowerShell - Adnan Cartwright - Integrity Solutions, Inc.boca-championDevOps has become increasingly demanding as organizations need to deploy solutions that have been tested and proven into production with great of ease and quickly without issues in the configuration. Using PowerShell and Azure Automation brings both IT Professionals and Developers together to create the DevOps solution a fairly new method of deployment. In this session we look at how to gain access to Azure Using PowerShell so that IT and Developers can execute already built or newly built cmdlets and code against the platform. We will also take a quick look at Azure Automation and Runbooks and show the difference in terms of written format to successful execute a solution. With Custom Script Extensions we will take a quick look on how to implement this technology to a newly built Virtual Machine. Finally we will take a look at Resource Groups the new method of access control in the Azure Platform allowing users direct access to the resources that they manage. http://1drv.ms/1etkvQv
05/20/2015 <b>SQL Miami</b> Watch Re-runs On Your SQL Server!miami-micRML Utilities provide command line tools and interactive reports enabling you to: Take SQL Trace files (captured with SQL Profiler, sp_trace or Extended events in SQL 2012+), Process them into replayable RML files (using readtrace.exe) Play them back in a different SQL environment (using ostress.exe) And compare the performance at a granular level (using reporter.exe or custom queries) RML Utilities are usefull for testing virtualized server, service packs, new indexes, or other SQL Server changes against a captured production SQL load. We will walk through performing a sp_trace capture, create RML files, replay and compare results using the RML utilities and a custom report query. http://www.meetup.com/South-Florida-SQL-Server-User-Group/events/221031830/
05/06/2015 <b>SQL Fort Lauderdale</b> Azure SQL DB - Microsoft PaaS offeringftlIn this session we will be looking at Microsoft’s PaaS offering, Azure SQL Database. We will be looking at the difference between IaaS and how you can migrate on premises databases to Azure SQL Database. We will also cover some of the new features available in Azure SQL DB such as Dynamic Data Masking and Row Level Security http://www.meetup.com/South-Florida-SQL-Server-User-Group/events/221281871/
04/14/2015 <b>Deerfield Beach Coders Café:</b> Build a Continuous Integration System with Jenkins - Michael SwansoncasamayaJenkins is a continuous integration tool that automates your software development builds. <br /><br /> What can Jenkins do for you? <ul> <li>Catch integration errors early between team members</li> <li>Release continuously to your clients</li> <li>Free your time by automating manual efforts</li> <li>Easy to setup and configure</li> <li>Free!</li> </ul> For more information on Jenkins, visit <a href="https://jenkins-ci.org/" target="_blank">https://jenkins-ci.org/</a> http://www.frictionlesscode.com/have-continuous-integration-with-jenkins-in-30-mins/
03/18/2015 <b>SQL Miami </b> SQL indexing for Performance! - Jeff Garbusmiami-micJeff has been consulting on and performing technical training for MS SQL Server since 1989, Version 4, on OS/2. Since then, he has worked extensively with each release of the product, specializing in performance and tuning, from concept through legacy system, on systems of all sizes, from small start-up company applications to multi-terabyte data warehouses. He has been working on large-scale systems for most of that time, having tuned a 100-gig/week throughput application on MS SQL Server 6, and has scaled many multi-terabyte databases in SQL server. Jeff ‘s background includes work experience from PC's to Mainframes and back again, in all aspects of IT, from developer, to DBA Manager, to IT Executive. His specialty is performance and tuning with a special emphasis on large-scale projects with very large databases. He is very well known in the industry, having spoken at user conferences and user groups for many years, written articles and columns for many magazines nationally and internationally, as well as having written over a dozen books. He was first certified to teach MS SQL Server in 1989, and is currently an MCT. He can be easily found at www.soaringeagle.biz. Check out his blog, http://mssqlperformance.blogspot.com Location info: http://www.microsoftinnovationcenters.com/miami http://www.meetup.com/South-Florida-SQL-Server-User-Group/events/220911079/
03/17/2015 <b>Deerfield Beach Coders Café:</b> What's New In ASP .NET 5 - Cecil PhillipcasamayaASP.NET 5 has been called one of the most substantial updates to the framework since moving from classic ASP. In this session we’ll look at some of the updates and new concepts added to improve the developer experience. We’ll also discuss what this new release means for your existing investments in ASP.NET. Along the way, we’ll cover topics like MVC6, CoreCLR, NuGet and the new dependency injection system. http://goo.gl/tB1FWO
09/02/2014 <b>Coders Café: </b> Hands on PowerShell, Don't Fear the Shell! - David CobbcasamayaBring your Windows 7/8/8.1 laptop to the next Coders Café and David Cobb will walk us through getting started with PowerShell. <br /><br /> We will get hands on with PowerShell and cover: <ul> <li>The basics of PowerShell syntax</li> <li>The three commands that unlock all of PowerShell!</li> <li>Amazingly useful cmdlets and scripts</li> <li>Leveraging the.Net Framework</li> <li>Where to go from here</li> </ul> This will be an interactive session, we should all walk away with some practical powershell skills. Demo scripts will be available online on OneDrive and a free USB key! <br /><br /> Technical Note: Windows 7 has PowerShell version 2 by default, but you can upgrade to PowerShell version 3 with the Windows Management Framework 3.0. This is recommended, but not required to learn and participate in the session, though some features and scripts may not be compatible with version 2. http://daveslog.com/dont-fear-the-shell/
07/01/2014 <b>Coders Café: </b> Using AngularJS with .NET - Austin McDaniel - Phoenix Data SecuritycasamayaBring your laptop! Topics include: <ul> <li>General Angular with .NET structuring and organization</li> <li>Plumbing the Web API to your Angular</li> <li>Authentication with Angular / API / and Owin</li> <li>Real-time updating with SignalR and Angular models</li> </ul> https://github.com/amcdnl/angularpreso
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