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Event Date: March 2, 2019 7:30 am - 5:45 pm

Speaker Bio

Pierre Donyegro

Pierre Donyegro Joined Microsoft in 2007 supporting .NET Technologies, Debugging, TFS, IIS and application Compatibility. He is now specialized in TFS, DevOps and Azure, helping to address customer issues onsite and providing workshop in the area of the Developer Tools and techniques, Visual Studio Testing Tools and TFS administration. Early on he Joined the Rangers Team, contributing to the first Branching Guidance published on Codeplex and the Build Customization Guidance. The largest audience of one Pierre’s deliveries was in Bucharest, Romania with more than 300 people. The highlight of the delivery was that one of the attendees came from the back of the room and kissed the screen during the presentation and in his own word told the audience “I Love Windows 7”. Pierre has a passion for TFS & DevOps and he has experienced many different implementations on customer’s sites. Pierre is exited to share some of his practical knowledge to a wider audience at South Florida Code Camp.


Title:   A Lap around AzureDevOps
Track: DevOps - Room 3049
Time:  8:30AM-9:40AM