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Event Date: March 2, 2019 7:30 am - 5:45 pm

Azure/Cloud 3 - Room 2066


AI/Virtual and Augmented Reality | ASP .Net/Core 1 | ASP .Net/Core 2 | Auditorium | Azure/Cloud 1 | Azure/Cloud 2 | Azure/Cloud 3 | Career / Business Dev | DevOps | IoT 1 | Open Topics 1 | Open Topics 2 | Open Topics 3 | SQL/BI | Web Development 1 | Web Development 2 | Xamarin/Mobile | All


8:30AM-9:40AM | 9:50AM-11:00AM | 11:10AM-12:20PM | 1:20PM-2:30PM | 2:40PM-3:50PM | 4:00PM-5:10PM | All

Agenda download:

PLEASE NOTE: This agenda is subject change! Updates will be posted to the web site. Check for updates on the day of the event.
South Florida Code Camp Schedule 2019-03-02.xlsx


7:30am - Registration - North Entrance
8:00am - Keynote - Lobby
8:30am - 9:40am - Session 1
9:50am - 11:00am - Session 2
11:10am - 12:20pm - Session 3
12:20pm - Lunch - Lobby
1:20pm - 2:30pm - Session 4
2:40pm - 3:50pm - Session 5
4:00pm - 5:10pm - Session 6
5:10pm - Wrap-Up - Lobby
6:00pm - After Party! - TBD

Room 3061 - Speaker Lounge


8:30AM-9:40AM, Azure/Cloud 3 - Room 2066

Jason Milgram Bio

Azure Service Fabric in the Real World

9:50AM-11:00AM, Azure/Cloud 3 - Room 2066

Learn how Azure Service Fabric was put to the task during the re-architecture of a solution used by over 40 Microsoft Cloud Solutions Providers to manage more than 2,000 CSP clients and $1 million+ in monthly transactions. Service Fabric simplifies microservices development and application lifecycle management, as well as enables reliable scaling and orchestration. Providing a data-aware platform for low-latency, high-throughput workloads with stateful and stateless microservices, Service Fabric clusters can be run anywhere –in Azure, on-premises, or other clouds on Windows or Linux.

Tushar Shah Bio
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Secure your applications with Azure AD

11:10AM-12:20PM, Azure/Cloud 3 - Room 2066

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service. Just like rest of Azure platform, Azure AD has evolved greatly in past few years. In this session we will look at some options around authenticating your applications with Azure AD B2B. You can leverage Azure AD as your identity management solution whether you are building SaaS, internal line-of-business (LoB) applications or any other type of application. This session will go over: The basics of AzureAD and it's flavors, How you can secure your applications with Azure AD, Overview of some Azure AD features like SSO, MFA, Password resets.

Russ Fustino Bio
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Intro to Azure Machine Learning

1:20PM-2:30PM, Azure/Cloud 3 - Room 2066

What is Machine Learning? It is rooted in Artificial Intelligence, pattern recognition and computation. The objective is to create insights and make predictions from data, using algorithms. We create Models of the data, which are aimed at understanding and describing the data. Data undergoes fluid, dynamic and ongoing changes in response to the environment. To do this, it uses feedback in order to describe and understand the models better, whilst making predictions. Machine learning involves a blend of skills in understanding, correcting, analyzing and communicating data. One reason that AzureML projects are complex is partly due to the skills required. However, it can also be due to the mix of the team who are working on these projects as part of a team. Join Russ Fustino, Microsoft MVP Reconnect, in this very eye-opening session. In this session you will learn: • Machine Learning overview • Azure Machine Learning • ML Studio • Azure Machine Learning process

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It's a'Bot Time

2:40PM-3:50PM, Azure/Cloud 3 - Room 2066

I'm very excited to show you how to go from FAQ to Bot in minutes. I have 6 demos that will help you deploy AI everywhere. Either as internal bot(s) for HR, Operations or external your public websites. My agenda for this talk is demo heavy; that's for you to home all the content and make the best of it. This presentation is suited for everyone, including code newbies. - AGENDA: 1. 2. Web App Bot 3. Channels such as Web-Chat & Microsoft Teams 4. Bot Source Code 5. Postman Client & Bot Framework Emulator 6. Bot Analytics & Monitoring with Azure Application Insights 7. Resources I look forward to seeing you guys there!

Drs. Avi & Sara Rushinek Bio
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Mobile+Web App Cloud Sync Code Dev VBA C# AutoBot Stocks, Commodities, Futures, Currencies Trading ALGO Demo Big Data SERP Top Interactive LIVE NOW Broadcast Stream IOT Archive, Crypto Utility Token Blockchain ICO, 0 Marginal Costs & ROI Gain Max

4:00PM-5:10PM, Azure/Cloud 3 - Room 2066

We demo the Algorithmic Automated Trading. We discuss AI and Machine Learning (ML). Drs. Rushinek will show mirror trading where users will replicate placing trades based on what Expert traders are doing. We show Crowdsourced Algorithmic Trading Platforms. Participants can run, edit, and create trading strategies using a wizard and/or programming with C# & Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA). Opportunities for programmers to convert strategies from 1 platform to another using languages such as C# & Easy Language. Authors can license their work and receive a share of any profits. Crowd sourced Algorithmic Trading Platforms provide capital & data to quants. Participating programmers develop securities trading bots. See our Steems cryptocurrencies blog that pays users for their contributions & Our current Initial Coin Offering (ICO) pays contributors in the Steems Cryptocurrencies tokens, which are convertible to Bitcoins...