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Event Date: March 2, 2019 7:30 am - 5:45 pm

Open Topics 2 - Room 3034


AI/Virtual and Augmented Reality | ASP .Net/Core 1 | ASP .Net/Core 2 | Auditorium | Azure/Cloud 1 | Azure/Cloud 2 | Azure/Cloud 3 | Career / Business Dev | DevOps | IoT 1 | Open Topics 1 | Open Topics 2 | Open Topics 3 | SQL/BI | Web Development 1 | Web Development 2 | Xamarin/Mobile | All


8:30AM-9:40AM | 9:50AM-11:00AM | 11:10AM-12:20PM | 1:20PM-2:30PM | 2:40PM-3:50PM | 4:00PM-5:10PM | All

Agenda download:

PLEASE NOTE: This agenda is subject change! Updates will be posted to the web site. Check for updates on the day of the event.
South Florida Code Camp Schedule 2019-03-02.xlsx


7:30am - Registration - North Entrance
8:00am - Keynote - Lobby
8:30am - 9:40am - Session 1
9:50am - 11:00am - Session 2
11:10am - 12:20pm - Session 3
12:20pm - Lunch - Lobby
1:20pm - 2:30pm - Session 4
2:40pm - 3:50pm - Session 5
4:00pm - 5:10pm - Session 6
5:10pm - Wrap-Up - Lobby
6:00pm - After Party! - TBD

Room 3061 - Speaker Lounge

Ed Hill Bio

Jupyter Notebooks on Azure

8:30AM-9:40AM, Open Topics 2 - Room 3034

Jupyter Notebooks are interactive pages that can support text, images, video, and live working code. Big data tools such as R, Scala, pandas, scikit-learn, ggplot2, TensorFlow are supported. Jupyter notebooks can be hosted on Azure and shared with others via email, Dropbox, GitHub or the Jupyter Notebook Viewer. This session will be a introductory/high level overview of Jupyter interactie Notebooks.

Sivamuthu Kumar Bio
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GraphQL & NestJS - Forget the REST

9:50AM-11:00AM, Open Topics 2 - Room 3034

GraphQL is a new way of thinking about the APIs. REST APIs are REST-in-Peace APIs. GraphQL is a type-safe specification and protocol, which means it pairs well together with TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript that adds strong typing and other features to the ECMAScript specification.In this session, we are going to see how NestJS - Typescript Node Express framework supports GraphQL features such as Mutation, Subscriptions, Schema stitching and Resolvers

Serguei Kouzmine Bio

Serverspec and Rspec for App Provision Pipeline

11:10AM-12:20PM, Open Topics 2 - Room 3034

BDD frameworks (Rspec, Serverspec and the like) integrate well with declarative Configuration management tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible ) and Service discovery tools (Consul, Zookeeper) and play crucial role in provision health monitoring and governing of complex modern distributed application stacks.

Michael W. Ritchie Bio
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Building Team Resiliency: How to make forward progress no matter the setback.

1:20PM-2:30PM, Open Topics 2 - Room 3034

Technical projects are hard work and have unexpected ups and downs. Learn the three-step process to overcome defeat and move forward as a team. [Based on Grounded Theory Social Science Research]

Alessandro Chiarini Bio
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Advanced Biometrics for Identity Management

2:40PM-3:50PM, Open Topics 2 - Room 3034

The goal of the session will be to learn 4 important topics. 1. Walk away with a better understanding of biometrics; 2. What is true multi-factor, 3. How to create a frictionless identity experience by using the appropriate biometrics for a specific use case; 4. How to properly implement biometrics to align with business rules and provide end to end protection. This session will breakdown how to use biometrics for logon, risk based transactional approvals, and session continuity verification. It will help explain the differences and advantages of both active and passive biometrics, and define true multi factor authentication. We will also cover the latest news in breaches and hacks that are compromsing mobile, server, and web based system such as SIM spoofing and malware. Finally, we will look at sample code and instructions on how to implement in Android and IOS mobile projects.

John Wang Bio
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Introduction to IoT using Azure

4:00PM-5:10PM, Open Topics 2 - Room 3034

Ever wondered on what is the buzz about Internet of Things (IoT)? and interested in making your own? We will take an look on what is Internet of Things (IoT), the impact of IoT to the world, industries that IoT can disrupt and then, we will provide an overview of building an IoT solutions using various technologies in Azure such as IoT Hub, Functions, Stream Analytics, Power BI, and more.