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Visual Basic .NET: VB.NET COM+ - objects cannot call each other?
From: Trevor Feldman 5/7/2002 2:15:34 PM
We have two pooled VB.NET COM+ objects (A and B) - each of which we
can access from a client form. However, it does not work when we have
the form call object A which in turn calls object B (at least not
without B deactivating and returning to the pool before A can use it -
thereby raising an error when A tries to call the methods in B)!!

Here are the attributes we are using with both of the objects:
Object Pooling: Min 0, Max 10
JustInTime Activation = True
ClassInterfaceType = AutoDual
ApplicationActivation ActivationOption = Server

If we change a few things in one of the objects (like changing from an
ActivationOption of Server to Library, or removing the "Inherits
ServicedComponent" to avoid COM+ altogether), the two can work
together as we want. But with the attributes listed above, the calling
sequence we want does not work!!

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your
help .....

Visual Basic .NET: VB.NET COM+ - objects cannot call each other?


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