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.NET Framework: Online ORM Hibernate Certification
From: Komal Jain 7/29/2020 10:51:31 PM
Hibernate ORM alias Hibernate, happens to be an object-relational mapping tool as far as the Java programming language is concerned. It comes with a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database.

Hibernate takes care of object-relational impedance mismatch related issues through replacing persistent, direct database accesses having high-level object handling functions.

The primary feature of Hibernate is mapping from Java classes to database tables, and mapping from Java data types to SQL data types. Hibernate likewise offers data query and retrieval facilities. It creates SQL calls and saves the developer from the object conversion and manual handling of the result set.

CRB tech can provide the Best online orm hibernate certification course with 100% job assistance. Learn hibernate orm from the best corporate trainers. Job oriented hibernate training

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.NET Framework: Online ORM Hibernate Certification


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