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.NET Framework: Techcello Survey on SaaS, Cloud & Multi-tenancy
From: Sathiya Rajendran 3/9/2012 1:28:04 AM
We did a simple survey in 2011 titled “On the road to SaaS Where are You?. The results were shared free of cost with all the participants. Many of them benefited from knowing where they are viz-a-viz the rest of the market and it helped them plan their roadmap better.

Now we are back again in 2012, with a similar survey. But this time it covers 3 dimensions : Cloud, SaaS and Multi-tenancy.

The online survey has 5 questions and it will take less than 2 minutes. Like last year, we will share the results with all the participants. You can then plot your future strategy after taking in to consideration the speed and direction in which the market is moving, combined with your own unique position in the technology – market space.

The identity of the participants and the data provided by each participant, will be kept confidential. Only summary and trend results will be published.

Please click on this link below to complete this 2 minute survey.


Please contact rakesh.c@techcello.com for any questions.

.NET Framework: Techcello Survey on SaaS, Cloud & Multi-tenancy


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