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.NET Framework: Technical Stacks of a Multi-tenant SaaS product - Webinar (2 Hours)
From: Sathiya Rajendran 9/13/2011 12:05:44 AM
Advanced 2 hour session for Architects and CTOs (Asia Pacific)

Thursday 15th Sep 2011, 10 AM to 12 Noon IST (GMT + 5.30)

A Multi-tenant application architecture allows a single instance of the application and database to serve multiple tenants / customers / user groups. A True Multi-tenant architecture not only isolates data between tenants, but also allows extensive customization and configuration of the product to suit different customers / user groups without having to change the underlying code base.

Multi-tenancy Maturity Models
Multi-tenancy at different layers : Infrastructure, Database and Application
Technical Challenges
Development Stacks
Multi-tenant Plumbing Stack
Multi-tenant Data Connection Abstraction
Multi-tenant Security : Authentication, Encryption, Audit Trail
Multi-tenant Security : Access Control, Role and Privileges Management
Multi-tenant Customization : Views, Data models, Custom Fields
Multi-tenant Customization : Business rules and Workflows
Multi-tenant Customization : Adhoc builders for Reports, Charts, Widgets
Multi-tenant Notification and Schedulers
Multi-tenant Feature / Package / Subscription Management
Metering, Billing and Price Book Management
Tenant and User Management
Bulk Import, Export and Data Management utilities
Multi-tenant SaaS Framework: Build vs Buy

.NET Framework: Technical Stacks of a Multi-tenant SaaS product - Webinar (2 Hours)


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