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C#: .Net Software Engineer - West Palm Beach
From: Stephen Hagans 12/8/2009 10:40:07 AM
I have an opening for a .Net Software Engineer working for an organization called Globalpex. Globalpex is a national communications company built on a DMS platform that specializes in the content certification of physical and electronic communications. This role is FT permanent and offers excellent benefits and a very competitive salary.

We’re Globalpex, the content certification company.
Content certification proves what is being communicated, to whom,
and when. We have applied this concept to our unique Document Management platform, extending beyond traditional file storage and capturing unstructured content as it is sent, whether through the U.S.
Postal Service, or electronically via E-Mail or Instant Messenger.


MUST have skills:
· Able to work in a team environment as well as work independently
· 4 to 6 years advanced .Net development experience
· Capable of excelling within a fast paced work environment
· Possess advanced problem solving skills
· Fluent in writing ASP.Net web forms and winform applications in C# or VB.Net
· Advanced understanding of ADO.Net (Active Database Objects)
· Experience working with Net’s DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater controls
· Strong SQL Server 2000/2005 knowledge (Enterprise Manager features & Stored procedures)
· Working knowledge of IIS 6 (Internet Information Server)
· Thorough understanding of XML requests, with previous experience using Microsoft DOM objects
· Full product life cycle development experience
Desired skills:

· Previous development for multiple browser compatibility
· Capable of writing a User Defined Function in SQL Server 2000/2005
· Advanced JavaScript knowledge
· Working knowledge of the GDI+ objects as implemented in .Net
· Experience with AJAX technologies

Please let me know if you're interested.

C#: .Net Software Engineer - West Palm Beach


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