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.NET Framework: Readify, Australia's Premier Microsoft Gold Partner is recruiting now...are you ready?
From: Toni-anne Collins 10/16/2008 11:04:44 PM
Readify, Australia’s Premier Microsoft Gold Partner is recruiting now…are you ready?

Discover, master, influence…if that sounds like your outlook on life, and you think that you one of the best of the best then Readify wants you.

This .Net Development role will have you working with the latest release Microsoft technologies, the greatest minds in IT, and providing answers to the most difficult questions.

Our culture will allow you to flourish and thrive by developing your skills and knowledge. We are a young, rapidly growing company specialising in Technical Readiness. We help organisations evolve with emerging Microsoft technologies technical consulting and providing training around the .Net Framework development platform and associated Microsoft enterprise technologies.

Readify also offers flexibility like none other, providing the platform for a perfect work/life balance…tailor your working environment to suit you!

While working for Readify you will never be behind the 8 ball when it comes to the latest technologies and products. With Readify, Microsoft and third party training as well as paid training days will allow you to always be at the leading edge of discovery.

Being surrounded by IT’s brightest minds means there will always be someone available to not only bounce idea off but to seek guidance from. An off topic technical question will never go answered either.

Readify is eager for you to show case your skills and we achieve this through the scenes of the Readify Development networks. These networks are nationally run and have you presenting your knowledge throughout the Microsoft community. Furthermore, for those who are highly knowledgeable in their area there are other avenues to showcase skills including code camp and tech-ed.

At Readify we value training, knowledge, mentoring, expressing of skills, flexibility, and individuality but most importantly we value our people.

For more information or to submit your resume contact Amy Collins at Amy@readify.net

.NET Framework: Readify, Australia's Premier Microsoft Gold Partner is recruiting now...are you ready?


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