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General: Looking for 3 Senior Developers
From: Marcio Castilho 3/18/2003 7:51:47 PM
Our client is looking for 3 Windows Senior developers, with experience in C++ and C#, for a project based in Florida.

The candidates must have at least the following experience:

- Over 1 Year experience with C#, ASP.NET and .NET
- Excellent background on Object Orientation
- Must have experience with Visual C++ and other Windows Technologies
- SQL Databases is a MUST
- COM/DCOM experience is a major PLUS
- Able to relocate to Tampa Bay Area (Florida)

The project has the duration of 10 months, but the contract can be extended depending of the performance of the candidate.

If you are interested send an email to jobs@radsense.com, with your FULL resumee attached. Please include desired rates and references.

General: Looking for 3 Senior Developers


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