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General: Rational XDE .NET Edition
From: Vraiment Tredway 8/14/2002 1:43:47 PM
Since I've been writing courseware for Rational University based around Rational's new tool, Rational XDE. I've had about 8 months experience with the tool. I'm willing to answer any questions about what has already shipping now and will say that, yes, XDE will be supporting Visual Basic .NET. When you say? Soon is about all I can vouch for.

Any other questions related to the C# version are welcome.

From: Vraiment Tredway 8/14/2002 6:50:07 PM
At this time, Rose doesn't support code generation for any .NET language. This may change in the future, but I'm not familiar with any of that stuff, so I'll digress.

As far as howtos and presentations, there are a couple of simple presentations on the Rational Developer Network site (http://www.rational.net) for XDE. I would read the ones on the Java (Eclipse) version of XDE as well as the .NET edition, the environments are quite similiar.

As far as being lost in the IDE, your tagline lists you as an systems analyst. Rational XDE is meant for developers. I would assume that if you are lost in XDE, you are probably also lost in Visual Studio .NET as everything in XDE is modeled (no pun intended) after Visual Studio .NET. The way diagrams are manipulated is the same as you would manipulate a Win or Web Form. That said, XDE doesn't have the best usability on the planet (does Rose?). It is amazing after using XDE for a while, how quickly one can write really architecturally complex code. It's a great boon for refactoring, seeing as no one (so far) has stepped up to the plate to write a refactoring browser for .NET. Potentially, the most powerful feature of XDE is its support for custom patterns and code templates, they *easily* make it worth the hefty price tag.

I would disagree with your comment that Rose is the best UML tool available. That honor probably goes to TogetherJ on the Java side, and Rational XDE .NET Edition on the C#/VB.NET side. Of course, I make that contention from the viewpoint of a developer. Rose may be a wonderful analytical tool, but I could care less. I've used Rose, Visual Modeler, Visio and both the .NET and Eclipse versions of Rational XDE and XDE wins hands down (I'd pick the Eclipse version over Rose any day), even @ $3000.00 a pop (a price I personally think is way too high, but I'm not in marketing). Rose/Visual Modeler's code generation support is a joke and Visio has a long way to go before it even gets close to useful for a developer.

If you're an analyst, I would recommend you stay with Rose for now. There are plans (that I can't detail) for a version of Rational XDE that does not have code generation capabilities, specifically aimed at analysts, but I don't know much about it, and I don't when or if it will ship.

Monti Tredway
SME .NET Courseware
Rational University(Kelly IT)

Standard disclaimer applies. The views expressed are my own, and not the views of my employer Kelly IT or the company I'm contracted to, Rational Software Corporation.

General: Rational XDE .NET Edition


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