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.NET Framework: VB vs C# .NET
From: Scott Katarincic 8/8/2002 9:01:35 AM
Does anyone have any feedback on which .NET language (VB or C#) is more predominant
in business application development? My guess based on job advertisements would be
VB, but that is just a guess.

Also, has anyone encountered any significant advantages of one over the other?

From: Vraiment Tredway 8/12/2002 9:43:06 PM
Anecdotal evidence places Visual Basic .NET with far more users than C#.

If you look at the number of published books, there are about twice as many books for VB.NET than there are for C#.

Is there a specific reason you're asking this question? Such as, "Which language are there more jobs for?"

I personally learned both. I prefer C# because of its cleaner syntax and use of unsafe code, but I can write the same application in either as the client needs.

As far as major differences. The only real differences *now* is the *unsafe* feature where you can use pointers in C#, but I would say that if you really need the performance improvement that pointers would bring that much, you should write your code in Visual C++ with *unmanaged* compiled code or better, x86 assembly, as there is little performance difference between unsafe and safe access of types under the .NET framework using small data sets <10,000 (ie, if you're writing a game, use unmanaged C++).
The other primary distinction I found was the lack of XML documentation for VB.NET, but now there is a company providing this functionality (see my post in a different topic).

The biggest difference between the two is going to be the *perceived* experience of developers using VB.NET. Most recruiters couldn't tell C# from COBOL, but they've heard time and time again that VB is a toy language and C#/Java are the languages that "real" programmers use. I would recommend you simply learn the top 3, C#, VB.NET and Java, that'll cover all bases for you fine.

A comment on the previous post. You cannot write un*managed* code in C#, only un*safe* code, they are not the same. Only Visual C++ can write unmanaged code in Visual Studio .NET.

Monti Tredway
Seattle, WA
Contractor currently @ Rational U

From: Vraiment Tredway 8/14/2002 1:38:51 PM
I've created a new topic, check there.

From: aloe vera 6/20/2011 3:16:22 PM
As far as major differences. The only real differences *now* is the *unsafe* feature where you can use pointers in C#,

annat jain
Aloe vera

.NET Framework: VB vs C# .NET


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